Got Questions?

We’ve Got Answers

Many common questions are answered below, but if you still need help or if your question isn’t answered, our staff will be glad to help. Feel free to email us or reach out on Facebook!

Most members join because they’ve tried other networking groups and have had bad experiences. Members join us because we have a great mix of structure and casual. There’s no pressure to pass referrals and our members truly want to help each other grow. We even make it easy by providing all the tools you need for success such as a social media dashboard, an invoicing tool and more.

Our membership is $400 your first year, but if you pay annually we give you two months free so your first year would cost $350. After your first year, your membership price decreases and each additional year is $350 or $300 if you pay annually!

Yes! By paying the membership fee separate, you’d be signing up for our monthly plan and we’d charge your dues monthly rather than all at once. You can manage your payment methods any time in your account settings.

You can sign in to your Knox Networking account then click “Manage Subscription” in the account menu. Or email us — our staff is always willing to help!

Nope! Our pricing is meant to be simple. There’s no hidden fees, and once you’re a member, your fees won’t increase even if we increase them for new members.

If your primary category is taken we won’t be able to place you in that chapter until it opens up. We are planning to launch multiple chapters in the coming months. If a secondary category is taken (i.e for a service your company offers), you’d need to speak with your chapter’s leadership team and the current member to make sure you will both work together and not compete.

We’re a category exclusive networking group, so if a member in your chapter is competing with you, we’d like to know as soon as possible so we can solve the situation. Ideally, members in your chapter shouldn’t compete with other members in the same chapter. If they offer a similar services, that chapter’s leadership team should step in to set rules on who can talk about what. Keep in mind that members in other chapters are allowed to offer the same services as you, but they won’t be allowed to visit your chapter.

Our leadership teams track attendance for every meeting. Our algorithms then use your attendance record and other chapter activity to determine “Member of the Month.”

Members are allowed to miss 12 meetings (roughly 1 per month), but we understand life happens so we have extended leave policies for emergency situations. Excused absences do not count toward your limits but will affect your chances of becoming “Member of the Month” during that tracking period.

Members are also allowed to have someone substitute for them if they know they’re going to miss a meeting. Having someone substitute for you will not count as an absence.

We partner with local companies to offer a discount to our members. All members have to do is show them your Knox Networking membership card (found in the app) and you can use the discount. Businesses are able to change or remove their benefits at any time.

In your account, you should see a link to “Edit Directory Entry” in the account menu or sidebar. You can also edit this from our app. Be sure to be as detailed as possible when adding your business info!

Absolutely! The social dashboard is powered by the APIs offered directly from each social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). We don’t see any passwords or any other sensitive information when you use the dashboard. Everything is between your browser and the social network’s servers. Because of those APIs, there are strict security measures in place to protect your data else the entire system wouldn’t work.

Yep! The social dashboard is meant to give our members a convenient place to manage all their social accounts. You can add multiple different networks like a Facebook and an Instagram, and you can also add multiple of the same network, for example, if you have multiple Facebook business pages you’d like to manage.