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We’re always looking to expand. If you can get at least 8 people committed to join, you can start your own Knox Networking chapter and start making money off membership!

How It Works

Knox Networking is a category exclusive networking group. If you want to boost your residual income while also getting the benefits of joining a networking group and locking out your competition, this program is for you! Our chapter creators get their monthly dues free plus 20% of the membership from their chapters.

Monthly Dues Free

As a chapter creator, you get your monthly membership dues free. Some creators put that towards the chapter budget, but it's up to you!

Get Paid Off Membership

You'll earn 20% of every membership that joins your chapter(s). You can choose to serve on the chapter's leadership or assign those roles to someone else.

Knox Networking Support

Once you become an official chapter, you'll have access to all our chapter features, be listed on our websites and social media, and receive money for social events and visitors days.

Most members join because they’ve tried other networking groups and have had bad experiences. Members join us because we have a great mix of structure and casual. There’s no pressure to pass referrals and our members truly want to help each other grow. We even make it easy by providing all the tools you need for success such as a social media dashboard, an invoicing tool and more.

Our membership is $400 your first year, but if you pay annually we give you two months free so your first year would cost $350. After your first year, your membership price decreases and each additional year is $350 or $300 if you pay annually!

Yes! By paying the membership fee separate, you’d be signing up for our monthly plan and we’d charge your dues monthly rather than all at once. You can manage your payment methods any time in your account settings.

We don’t limit our chapter creators to a certain number of chapters. We do, however, require that your first chapter is official before you start working on additional chapters. Chapter creators will be able to earn money from all their chapters.

Chapter creators can start multiple chapters and visit them all so long as their category is open. When you start a new chapter, you become a member of the first chapter you create. If you start a second chapter you can visit it until they fill your category.

If you leave Knox Networking, you will lose your free monthly dues benefit and you will stop getting paid from your chapters.

Each chapter can have a max of 25 people. Five of them will be asked to serve on the chapter’s leadership team. As a chapter creator, it’s your responsibility to ensure your members are always following our policies. The chapter leadership team also helps with this once they are trained.

As a chapter creator, you can name the chapters you create. The name has to be appropriate (nothing offensive, no religious affiliation, profanity, etc.) and will be approved by our staff before making it official. The name of the chapter can also be changed by the chapter’s leadership team if they decide to.

Members are encouraged to contact their leadership team to report issues with other members. Chapter creators can contact us directly for more immediate action.

Most chapter creators serve on their chapter’s leadership team (usually as president), but you can be a regular member and assign the leadership roles to someone else if you’d like.

Chapter creators are responsible for finding their own meeting space. Most of the time, chapter creators are able to find free meeting spaces or work out a deal with business owners. We allow chapter creators to give out one free membership for each of their chapters in exchange for a meeting space.

No. All chapters must follow our rules and structure. All payments and membership goes through us directly.


Our Members Are Taught To Pass Warm Introductions — Not Just Leads


Lock out your competition! We want our members to compliment each other not compete with them.


We host several social events and visitors days throughout the year for members to meet new people and grow their chapters.


Our members are taught how to create warm introductions that build lasting relationships — not just pass referrals slips.


We highlight each chapter's member of the month on our website as well as posting about our members on our social profiles.


All members get a custom lead capture page that highlights their services and experience. It even includes a contact form and SEO!


We host several classes on topics business owners need like marketing, social media, and more as well as weekly advice.

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